“…worth every penny.”

It's not conventional wisdom, but it is a common phrase to hear after an endeavor that had a price tag has happened- especially when things have gone our way, or an outcome is positive:  "It was worth every penny."  But what about when we don't have enough pennies to buy our happiness?  Or, when we … Continue reading “…worth every penny.”


Speaking of other lies…

Yesterday was my HSG test.  For me, it ended up being no big deal.  800mg of ibuprofen one hour before, a half mg of lorazapam to be safe and I was as relaxed as I could be.  The radiologist was great and the biggest pain was from the extended use of the speculum.  I know you'll … Continue reading Speaking of other lies…

“I got pregnant the first time!”

It's conventional wisdom and socially accepted hysteria on my mind this morning.  There isn't really one common phrase for this, but several ideas permeate our thinking that all add up to the idea that unprotected sex WILL lead you to get pregnant.  Especially when you're young and stupid. When we're young (and stupid), putting the fear … Continue reading “I got pregnant the first time!”