Conventional wisdom…

It’s a phrase that means, “the generally accepted belief, opinion, judgment, or prediction about a particular matter” (Merriam-Webster)  The older I get, the more I learn that they’re lies.

Yeah, okay, “lies” might be a strong word.  But they’re often too easily said as a band-aid to difficult or emotional situations.  And, hence, the foundation of this blog.

I have a list of the idioms that drive me crazy listed in the first post I made.  Which one annoys me the most?  Today, it’s “Never say never.”

What does avoiding the word “never” actually do for us?  Ostensibly, it’s a proverb that helps us use positive speech and, thus, think more positively.  It implies there’s always a way, a chance.  For me, it’s been one of the ideas that’s put me here, for better and worse.

Never say never- you could conceive when you least expect it!

Never say never- many people need help conceiving.

Never say never- you’ll get your chance.

Never say never- God has a plan.

Never say never- don’t give up!

I did give up, for two years I gave up.  And it nearly killed me- the rabbit hole of depression was that deep and dark.  Who knew that nurturing a life in my body would mean so much to me?  “Never say never” rang in my head long after it should have stopped as I planned my childless-not-by-choice future.  It was a nag, that phrase. It screamed at me even as I screamed back the hope was killing me.

Then, a few weeks ago, I gave in to the hope.  Never say never.

For my whole adulthood, I’ve *never* been pregnant (despite some risky behavior and blatant trying).  But saying *never* and giving up didn’t set well with my psyche apparently.  I’m happier *never saying never*… and yet, I’m scared to death that God will still say “No.”  Where will “never say never” leave me then?  The rabbit hole is dark and deep, after all, and my brain knows the way down.


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