Speaking of other lies…

Yesterday was my HSG test.  For me, it ended up being no big deal.  800mg of ibuprofen one hour before, a half mg of lorazapam to be safe and I was as relaxed as I could be.  The radiologist was great and the biggest pain was from the extended use of the speculum.  I know you’ll be glad to know that my anatomy is reflective of standard variations, free of obvious obstructions. The most discomfort was momentary and from the pressing of the contrast through the Fallopian tubes.  Another check mark in the “A-OK” column.

None of this is lies.  I’ll tell you what IS, though.  Sex Ed in this country!  I am *again* stunned by what I don’t know about my body, despite being a well-educated woman in a modern country who benefited from both public and private schooling in a liberal area of the country.

I’ve already touched on some of this but it was highlighted for me again yesterday, watching the progress of the contrast and talking with the radiologist.

Do a Google search for “female reproductive system” images and see what you come up with.  They’re all pretty standard.  Check out the Fallopian tubes and tell me what you see.  Do you generally see U-shaped arms stretching off of the uterus?  A pretty straight forward path from the ovaries to the uterus?  Now and again there’s a more accurate depiction of the tubes being away from the ovaries, but they generally are shown in close proximity…

Yeah… LIES.

Maybe, at best, it’s over-simplifications and omissions.  But it’s not true regardless.

I learned yesterday that Fallopian tubes are very slim, delicate structures that actively move around.  What’s more- they’re not STRAIGHT in any sense!  My bitchy little princesses CURL like Merida’s hair!  Even being pumped full of fluid and pressurized, they stayed curled.  It’s not a straight shot from the ovary to the uterus with just a left or right turn… it’s like a surfer shooting the curl- don’t get stuck!

Why does this piss me off so much?  Because it’s one more “fact” we’re fed in our early lives that tells us how easy it can be (should be) to conceive.  It’s one more simplification that keeps us from really knowing our bodies and how they work.  These omissions, simplifications, lies… they keep women from understanding something they should absolutely have intimate knowledge of in order to be informed and relaxed about what their bodies and minds are doing from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year.

If we were taught all the realities better, the miracle that is a human might just be valued better.

Here’s a word of advice for any woman that stumbles across my ramblings– if you are at all unsure about how your body is supposed to function and what its anatomy should be then grab a book, talk to your OB/GYN, find a message forum… do what you have to do to learn about it.  Don’t let your period be just  a thing- it’s a measure of health.  Know what your cervix feels like (and how to find it!).  Observe that on any given day your vagina is an active place, telling you where you are in a cycle with fluid quality and temperature. Accept that unprotected sex can result in a pregnancy and guard against it when appropriate, but know too that the list of things that have to be JUST RIGHT for this to happen is long.

Remember what a fearful place the world was when our understanding was limited, as humans, to the whims of unseen forces.  Those forces are seen now and you should know them like the back of your hand.  God/dess/es/s have a big place I believe, but ignorance does not help Spirit help you.



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