“…worth every penny.”

It’s not conventional wisdom, but it is a common phrase to hear after an endeavor that had a price tag has happened- especially when things have gone our way, or an outcome is positive:  “It was worth every penny.”  But what about when we don’t have enough pennies to buy our happiness?  Or, when we have them but the outcome is not positive?  Was it worth it then?

The average cost of a year of college is between $9,500 and $32,400. (cite)

The average cost to raise a child is figured at about $245,000. (cite)

The average cost to buy a new car is about $33,500. (cite)

The average price tag for a single family home in the Puget Sound corridor of Washington state is $420,000. (cite)

The average price of a prosthetic leg for an amputee varies from $5,000-$50k and needs to be replaced every 3-5 years. (cite)

The average total cost of adoption in the United States is $34,000-$40,000. (cite)

The average cost of artificial insemination using partner’s genetics per cycle- $900. (cite)

The average cost of In Vitro Fertilization per attempt, including medications is $12,000. (cite)

Was it worth every penny?


I’m counting on it.


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