Counting the wake-ups.

The week is finally here and I’m counting wake-ups like a child looking forward to Christmas morning.  I never had that tradition as a kid, Partner introduced me to the habit and I like it.  Wake-ups are easy to count and on that last one, it’s the big day!

So, I have three more wake-ups until Thursday’s appointment.  We meet with the doctor at 9:30 am to chart our way forward.  Poor partner, he has a busy week ahead, but he’s being a trooper.  I asked him if he was at all excited about this possibility… we have started joking and making “you’re going to be THAT kind of parent” remarks.  He said, thoughtfully and cautiously, that he is.  I asked last night if we could talk about what family to loop in to the happenings, I’ll want prayers for us- he’s amicable to the idea, especially since some family will be helping with the expenses to do this.

Of course, all of this is getting ahead of myself.  It’s possible that I’ll be “too fat” again for the doctor to help me, help us.

Partner and I took out our calendars over the weekend and added dates: doctor appointments, estimated cycle start dates, the possible first IUI.  That was exciting and scary to put on the calendar.  I smiled like an idiot.

Of course, all this is getting ahead of myself.  It’s possible that this will be too expensive and we can’t try at all.

The October cycle definitely is too soon after this appointment to make an attempt… we want time to evaluate donors, get through the October tax and education season… November will be here soon enough.

Dearest Maybe Baby… I’m working on it, I’m doing my best to reach you.

Wake up.



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