Red light means stop, green means go, yellow means go very fast.

“What a day September 22, 2017 was!  The first day of fall and I didn’t have any more wake-ups to face, the day of our next doctor appointment had arrived.”

I feel like I’m writing a novel some days.  And really, this is a journey that could be a novel.  I’m looking back on yesterday and feeling a lot of emotions and feelings…

We started the day at a red light.  Metaphorically speaking of course, though we did have a few of them on the way to the appointment.  To continue with the analogy, our car was started, the radio was on, GPS was set, tires properly inflated and the engine was purring… but the light was red.  We could not yet move forward.

Arriving to the appointment, everything moved in slow motion.  The engine was revving, just waiting for that green light.

It did not come.

Indeed, my weight gain, rather than loss, presented problems.

So, what we did see was a yellow light.  Our doctor is on our side and SHE wants to move forward, just cautiously.  Some of what we didn’t know is that cases at the clinic are peer reviewed… especially in high risk situations.  Doctors don’t move forward without consensus.  But she was was on our side!  Between my age, hormone levels, the weight I did lose with surgery, and the steps I’ve implemented to get these extra pounds off, Doctor felt that our case would be approved.  It was further helpful that we want to try a natural cycle (no ovulation meds), this will reduce the chance of a multiple birth.  With all this in mind, she had us do the paper work and coordination right then and there.  Eight vials of blood were taken from me and we were counseled about costs and what donor facilities they work with.  Doctor and peers would meet that afternoon and she promised to try and get our case heard then, if not she would pursue it by email and get back to us by Monday next week.

We left SRM with a yellow light.

Partner and I felt that we could fill our weekend with adding up the price lists and figuring out what donor bank to use… bide our time  until Monday moving forward through our yellow light.

At 4:27pm, our yellow light turned to green.  A green light is not something you generally remember in the course of your life, but I’ll remember this one.  That was the moment our Doctor sent the email that we were approved to move forward.

We have a green light.  We moved through our yellow light very quickly indeed.

Our instructions are to have a preconception consult with a maternal fetal medicine doctor of our choice (so essentially pick our high-risk OB and meet with them) and at least the first cycle will be unmedicated while I continue to lose weight.

I had to push myself to walk the block two circuits last night, but with a green light over me, it wasn’t a hardship.  The GPS is now firmly locked on to November and the days between here and there are full of plans, decisions, and HOPE.



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