Letters to the editor, part I.

Dearest Sprout,

It’s incredibly difficult for me to write you this letter today, simply because you don’t yet exist anywhere but my deepest hope; but Mommy and Daddy met with a very nice lady on Friday and she asked us to start telling you your story, even now.  She called it “practice.”

So my little one, here I am, to tell you a story.

A long time ago, Mommy and Daddy met.  We had a lot of fun together and love was the first thing we grew together.  We had long talks and dreamed of a day when our love would grow something new, you!  But many years went by and even though we tried many times to plant you, our love alone was just not helping you grow.  We needed help to help you get your roots.  Mommy and Daddy are so happy to tell you that there were many people ready to help us grow you… there were doctors who checked that Mommy’s body had seeds and could keep you warm and safe for the months it takes before you can see the sun and to check that Daddy’s seeds were strong too- because it takes both Mom Seeds and Dad Seeds to make a Sprout.  We were sad when we found out that Daddy’s Dad Seeds were having trouble, but don’t fear!  There was help for that, because here you are, your face in the sun and growing up.  A nice man we call Groot gave us some Dad Seeds that we could add to my Mom Seeds and the doctors mixed them together and we planted you.  Mommy and Daddy did all the things we could when you were planted to make sure you were growing strong- we ate good food, took our vitamins, had long walks every day, and- best of all- we kept loving each other and dreaming about you while we waited for you.

And guess what happened, Sprout!  When you were done growing your roots in Mommy’s tummy, it was time to see the sun so you could grow even bigger, and you did just that!  Out you came and Mommy and Daddy love you so very much. There were many helpers to get your roots started, but Mommy and Daddy’s love was the first thing that made you and we think it’s the best piece of you.


A very kind woman moved heaven and earth last week to make it so November WILL be our first month of trying.  On Sunday, November 13, I will have an ultrasound to be sure that there are follicles and that one of them (at least) is appearing dominant and ready to yield and egg.  Provided that goes well, when I get a  positive ovulation test, I will go in the next day and undergo and IUI.  Groot is, as I write this, approaching Seattle– the Dad Seeds will be delivered to SRM some time on Tuesday.  I am, as I told the social worker on Friday, excitedly terrified.

I’m just praying that one day this story will be real.


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