Fourteen weeks later.

I don’t know what to do here.  Seriously, the indignation has faded, all I feel now is humbled.  Well, that’s not true– I think I have Infertility PTSD, constantly waiting for the shoe to drop and questioning everything from my worth to have my “finally” happen to grief over time lost.  So, where does that leave this blog?

Do I share this new part of the journey?  I have fourteen weeks to catch up on, things I want to remember about this process because I’m pretty sure it’s one and done.  Is “Never too late!” the place to do that?  Will it be painful and trite for others facing infertility (in all it’s ugly beautiful forms) to come here, read about this origin and then find me getting poetic about the beauty of birth and snarky over parenting anecdotes?  Should I worry about them (of course, I do)?

Help a girl out?

Keep this going, maybe a fresh voice, and see where it leads?  Or, bag it and say good-bye, leaving it as-is for hurting women and men to find (and maybe get hope or a grin of recognition from)?

What say you, world?



4 thoughts on “Fourteen weeks later.

  1. Most people I’ve seen once they have a baby after IVF end up starting a new blog on parenting rather than keep posting on the old one. For me I just stopped following blogs when somebody has their baby, and just hope they won’t use the infertility hashtag so I won’t find their blog anymore well perusing WordPress. But that’s just me and I say do what works for you… everybody has a different perspective on this. 🙂


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