Open your hips to me…

There’s an Australian show that Partner and I love, called Offspring.  The opening credits song is by Thao with the Get Down and Stay Down, “When We Swam“… the lyrics repeat:

Bring your hips to me
Oh, bring your hips, oh, oh
Bring your hips to me
To me
Oh, bring your hips to me
Oh, bring your hips, oh, oh
Bring your hips to me

We have always sang it “OPEN your hips to me” (we knew we were wrong but it worked)… and it’s been a theme of ours during this 9 month rollercoaster with SRM and trying to conceive.  When we were at the IUI in November, I was having a lot of trouble with getting the catheter placed and tensing up, Partner got me to relax by singing it to me there.

Fast forward to last Friday night.  Here we are, 16 weeks along, 24 to go.  Our chosen MaterniT21 test has proven to be a bust, even after two attempts at 10 weeks and 13 weeks.  This means we’re going to have to rely on less precise tests for chromosome abnormalities (not sure we’re going to pursue it now) and that we’ll have to wait like everyone else to find out the gender of our baby at the 20 week anatomy scan.

Or… will we?

Dah-da-dahhhh!  Did you know you can pay for “boutique” ultrasounds?!  You find these places stuck in malls and random office buildings.  A slightly pricey fee will get you a rather precise package of ultrasound pictures to find the gender of your child and most even have 3-D and 4-D capability if you’re far enough along and want that detail.

Well, we know all this now!

Friday night was our night.  We drove the 15 miles to a random office building, walked in and met a nice man from South Africa who totally prides himself on a solid track record of identifying gender after 14 weeks gestation.  We expect that, at 16 weeks, Little Bit would be a walk in the park.

HAH!  This kid’s already being a teeny bit stubborn!  Or maybe just shy and modest?

Locating Little Bit in the mass of my belly didn’t take too long, but kiddo’s butt was snug up against the corner of my uterus and legs were FIRMLY crossed.  Oh, and sleeping.  We coughed, we laughed, we poked, we jiggled to get Little Bit to wake up.  There were some fleeting moments when the Tech captured a still and pointed out his opinion of gender, but he would not commit without a “money shot”…  A normally 15 minute session stretched into 30…  “It’s personal and a matter of professional pride, now,” he said.

One more trick, putting my feet above my heart with the table leaned back, coughing several more times and…  Little Bit obliged and started to change position!  Arms waving, legs stretching… open baby, open!  Tech was in position to catch the area in question and BOOM!  A tiny fist appears right over the crotch.

I never laughed so hard in my life.  Partner started singing our song, “O-pen your hips, open your hips for us, baby!”

And that’s what did it… at 40 minutes into our 15 minute appointment our Modest Mouse moved that hand and did a little half turn, allowing our harried Tech from South Africa to catch a perfect and scientifically reliable image of… our daughter.

I’m going to have a little girl to raise up in this world.  And we’re thrilled.

Bonus… Tech from South Africa captured this lovely profile shot- currently my favorite picture in the whole wide world.



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