It doesn’t fit?

On tap today is a little rant... probably along the lines of conventional wisdom gone awry, but maybe not. I'm overweight.  No secret there.  How overweight?  Significantly.  I got down to where a 1x or 2x size in most stores fit me just fine in 2014, but after my stint with anxiety and depression that … Continue reading It doesn’t fit?


Stupidity personified.

No, I'm not referring to our U.S. elections (though I could be). It's me. I SHOULD be working.  I SHOULD be keeping up with the dishes.  I SHOULD be visiting my mother.  I SHOULD be taking a walk.  I SHOULD be meal planning.  I SHOULD be crafting for upcoming holidays.  I SHOULD... What I should … Continue reading Stupidity personified.

“I got pregnant the first time!”

It's conventional wisdom and socially accepted hysteria on my mind this morning.  There isn't really one common phrase for this, but several ideas permeate our thinking that all add up to the idea that unprotected sex WILL lead you to get pregnant.  Especially when you're young and stupid. When we're young (and stupid), putting the fear … Continue reading “I got pregnant the first time!”