Mishmash jibber jabber.

I've been trying so hard, honestly, to be "good" these days since the IUI.  Honestly, it's getting harder and harder to keep on even keel and go through the days like a normal person. I hibernated all weekend.  On the good side, I was able to keep anxiety largely at bay, and I didn't actually … Continue reading Mishmash jibber jabber.


Stupidity personified.

No, I'm not referring to our U.S. elections (though I could be). It's me. I SHOULD be working.  I SHOULD be keeping up with the dishes.  I SHOULD be visiting my mother.  I SHOULD be taking a walk.  I SHOULD be meal planning.  I SHOULD be crafting for upcoming holidays.  I SHOULD... What I should … Continue reading Stupidity personified.